DCL’s compact SCR systems are the first fully integrated system that comes pre-assembled, ready to simply be plugged in and start effectively reducing NOx levels. The system is also capable of reducing CO, HCOH/NMHC, and NH3 slip providing a convenient solution for any pollutants


  • Available in two injection modes: air assisted injection (with air compressor) or airless injection.
  • Dedicated PLC which operates based on input from a series of sensors installed on the SCR module.
  • All sensors run independently from the engine load signal.
  • PLC provides data-logging and data analysis with the option for remote access.
  • Vanadia-based, or zeolite-based coating which have a NOx reduction capability of up to 98%.
  • Heavy gauge, self supporting stainless steel housing.
  • System skid includes: Oxidation catalyst (DOC), Urea injection kit and day tank, all necessary sensors, Mixer, SCR catalyst(s), Ammonia slip catalyst* (ASC)

*if required.


DCL backs every SCR with an emissions performance guarantee, providing you worry-free compliance with environmental operating permits.

DCL sales professionals are strategically situated across Europe to provide local emissions regulation expertise as well as expert product knowledge and sales support wherever you need it. For assistance sizing and selecting the right selective catalytic reduction system, contact a DCL sales professional.