VOC Catalyst

DCL has been pioneering VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) catalyst technology for over 20 years, offering advanced solutions for a wide array of industrial applications. Our VOC catalysts are meticulously engineered to ensure effective decomposition of harmful VOCs, enhancing air quality and promoting environmental compliance. We specialize in both high-temperature and low-temperature catalysts, addressing specific industrial needs with precision and efficiency.

VOC Catalysts

DCL’s high-temperature VOC catalysts are integral in sectors with intensive thermal processes. Industries such as coffee roasting benefit immensely from these catalysts, which proficiently neutralize VOCs even under extreme temperatures. Their application ensures adherence to environmental regulations while optimizing the efficiency of the thermal processes.
These catalysts also play a vital role in a broader range of high-temperature applications. Their durability and efficiency in breaking down harmful VOCs contribute to cleaner industrial operations and a significant reduction in environmental impact, aligning industrial processes with sustainability goals.

VOC Catalysts

DCL’s low-temperature VOC catalysts offer precision and energy efficiency in controlling VOC levels. These catalysts are particularly useful in industries where maintaining optimal air quality is crucial for product integrity and safety. In furniture manufacturing, for instance, our catalysts effectively reduce odors and remove harmful substances like formaldehyde, creating safer and more pleasant work environments.

As a specialized low-temperature VOC catalyst, DCL’s Ethylene Scavengers stand out for their targeted efficacy in ethylene reduction. These catalysts are instrumental in the food storage industry, where controlling ethylene concentration is key to preserving the freshness and extending the shelf life of perishable goods. They operate effectively at temperatures as low as 4°C, making them an ideal choice for cold storage facilities and transportation solutions where maintaining low temperatures is essential for product quality.

The application of Ethylene Scavengers extends to floral storage and transportation sectors. By managing ethylene levels, these catalysts help in preserving the vibrancy and longevity of floral products, ensuring that they reach consumers in the best possible condition. The low energy requirement of these scavengers aligns with sustainable practices, offering industries a solution that is both environmentally responsible and operationally efficient.


Decarbonization and Sustainability

By efficiently reducing VOC emissions, DCL’s catalysts support broader decarbonization and sustainability objectives. Our high and low-temperature solutions not only mitigate harmful emissions but also advocate for energy-efficient practices, aligning industry operations with environmental stewardship and sustainability goals.

DCL's Experience and Expertise

With a legacy of over two decades in VOC catalyst development, DCL stands as an industry leader in air quality management solutions. Our expertise in catalytic technology, combined with a commitment to innovation, ensures that our clients receive state-of-the-art solutions. DCL is dedicated to providing not just products but also knowledge and support, partnering with industries in their pursuit of cleaner, safer, and more sustainable operations.

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