As hydrogen production methods improve, DCL are developing catalysts and catalyst technology to complement them, reducing the necessary energy input and improving efficiency. Catalysts have a role in several of the most common means of hydrogen gas generation, including gasification, catalytic reforming and water electrolysis. With over 30 years of experience in catalyst design and manufacture, including diesel oxidation, oxidation, and three-way catalysts, DCL has the expertise to meet your hydrogen catalyst needs.

Hydrogen gas is a renewable fuel that could significantly reduce transportation and domestic appliance emissions. Hydrogen has a lower energy density per volume than traditional fossil fuels, but has significantly fewer harmful by-products like carbon dioxide. When hydrogen gas is used in a traditional combustion engine, the only exhaust emissions are water and nitrogen oxides. These nitrogen oxides can also be avoided by using the more efficient form — fuel cells.

For assistance or information about how catalysts can help in your hydrogen production process, contact a DCL sales professional.