Power to Gas

Power to gas technology, key to the energy transition, enables the storage of renewable energy by converting it to gases like hydrogen or methanol. DCL International Inc. leads in this field with catalyst technologies for O2 removal and methanol production processes, essential for optimizing electrolyzer applications and converting electricity to chemical energy efficiently.

Catalyst Technologies for Power to Gas

DCL’s catalyst solutions, tailored for power to gas applications, boost process efficiency and gas purity by effectively removing O2 to prevent oxidation and ensure hydrogen quality. They also facilitate crucial reactions for methanol and synthetic fuel production, optimizing conditions for enhanced selectivity and efficiency in synthesis processes.

Specialized Solutions for
Electrolyzer Applications

Electrolyzers play a central role in the power to gas concept, converting electrical energy into hydrogen gas. DCL’s catalyst technologies optimize this conversion process, improving electrolyzer performance, energy efficiency, and the longevity of the system. Our solutions support the scalable and sustainable production of hydrogen, a cornerstone of the power to gas strategy

Power to gas technologies, supported by DCL’s catalyst solutions, represent a transformative approach to energy storage and conversion. By enabling the effective storage of renewable energy in the form of gas, DCL aids in balancing energy supply and demand, reducing dependency on fossil fuels, and facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid.

Driving Sustainable Energy Storage and Conversion

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