SCR Systems

DCL International Inc. is a leading provider of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, designed to significantly reduce NOx and other pollutants from large stationary diesel and natural gas engines. With over 1,000 SCR systems in operation worldwide, our NOx reduction expertise is recognized as reliable, efficient, and cost-competitive on engines ranging from 300kW to 50MW.

Emission Regulation Challenges

Engine owners face increasing pressure to lower NOx emissions, driven by stringent regulations at federal, state, and local levels. DCL’s SCR technology meets these challenges head-on, ensuring compliance and contributing to cleaner air.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Understanding the financial implications of emission control, DCL leverages common designs and volume production to offer one of the most cost-effective SCR solutions on the market, without compromising quality or performance.

Your Partner in Emissions Compliance

DCL International Inc. stands ready to support your emission reduction goals with our state-of-the-art SCR systems. Let us help you navigate the complexities of emissions regulations and achieve long-term compliance with our reliable, efficient, and cost-competitive solutions.

Proven NOx Reduction

Our custom-engineered SCR systems are adept at reducing emissions by up to 98% in various demanding environments, including:

  • Distributed Power Generation
  • Cogeneration Plants (CHP)
  • Gas Compression & Transmission
  • Hydrogen CHP and Power Generation
  • CO2 Purification for Greenhouse Fertilization 

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