Methanation, the process of converting CO2 into methane, represents a significant advancement in the field of carbon recycling and energy storage. At DCL, we’re pushing the boundaries of this technology, focusing on enhancing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Our innovative approach to methanation underscores our commitment to providing industry-leading solutions that aims to meet or exceed the demands of modern energy challenges. With DCL’s methanation technology, industries are equipped to turn environmental responsibility into operational excellence.


At the heart of DCL’s methanation technology is a commitment to energy efficiency. By ingeniously integrating proprietary heat exchange technology with 30 years of reactor expertise, we’ve optimized the methanation process for higher efficiency and energy conservation. Our integrated approach ensures maximum methane output while minimizing the energy expenditure, aligning perfectly with sustainable industry targets.

System Features and Benefits

DCL’s methanation systems are engineered for excellence, combining state-of-the-art reactor design with seamless heat exchange integration. These features culminate in a system that not only excels in operational efficiency but also offers substantial energy and cost savings. The robust design ensures longevity and reliability, translating into long-term benefits for industries seeking sustainable and economically viable solutions.

DCL’s methanation technology is a game-changer in carbon recycling and renewable energy storage. By converting CO2 into methane, our technology contributes significantly to decarbonization efforts and the circular carbon economy. The adoption of this technology enables industries to diminish their carbon footprint and embrace a future of renewable and sustainable energy practices.

Industry Impact
and Sustainability

Customized Solutions
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DCL is focused on developing advanced catalysts for methanation, tailored for integration by system packagers and project builders. Our expertise ensures the provision of catalyst solutions that meet the specific needs of methanation projects, supporting efficient and effective conversion processes. With a commitment to innovation and quality, DCL collaborates closely with industry partners to enhance methanation technology, driving forward clean energy solutions.

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