Catalyst Elements

Metalcor® by DCL catalyst technology is the leader in metallic catalyst elements, designed specifically for stationary engines. Crafted for durability and performance, Metalcor® elements are universally compatible, seamlessly fitting both DCL and competitor housings. With manufacturing and coating performed in-house, Metalcor® catalyst elements in standard sizes are in-stock for immediate order or can be customized by shape and size.

Manufacturing & Distribution

DCL combines automated production lines, vacuum brazing ovens and robotic coating system to meet the highest quality standards in our ISO certified facilities. Metalcor® elements are manufactured and coated in-house and can be customized by shape, foil width, foil density and size with many common parts in-stock and available for immediate delivery from our strategically positioned warehouses in Europe and North America. For unique requirements, our custom fabrication option offers solutions in any shape or size, with cell densities ranging from 50 to 3,000cpsi (cells per square inch), ensuring optimal performance for your specific application


Formulations are offered in a variety of different grades to comply with the toughest requirements and with the lowest available light-off temperatures and broadest temperature operating ranges.  Metalcor® is quite simply the best available technology in the market.

Solid brazed substrates for applications facing high thermal and mechanical stress.

Catalytic coatings tailored for specific reactions, including lean burn oxidation, diesel oxidation, NSCR (non-selective catalytic reduction) and VOC processes.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Ammonia slip catalysts (ASC) for NOx and NH3 removal applications.

Retrofit & Replacement Solutions

DCL offers a complete range of replacement catalyst elements, lid gaskets, and hardware for all DCL models including MINE-X®, Mini QUICK-LID, QUICK-LID, and RC housings, utilizing original part technology for unmatched emission reduction performance. Our retrofit and replacement solutions extend to all competitor makes and models.

Catalyst Cleaning & Reloading

Metalcor® by DCL substrates are designed and engineered to boast the longest service life compared to others. By cleaning to restore performance and recharging expired catalytic coatings, we extend the lifespan of your catalytic elements, offering cost savings and environmental benefits.

Custom Configurations


DCL's Metalcor® ASC cuts ammonia & lowers CO, formaldehyde, ethylene, & VOCs, offering durable, cost-effective emissions control.


DCL's plug-and-play SCR systems reduce NOx, CO, HCOH/NMHC, and NH3 slip, providing an all-in-one pollution control solution.


DCL's Metalcor® turbine catalysts offer durable control of CO, VOCs, formaldehyde, and hazardous compounds, efficiently and cost-effectively.


DCL provides systems integrators with durable, low-pressure drop catalysts for effective VOC, halogenated VOC, and CO control.


DCL crafts optimized catalytic devices for specific uses, ensuring peak performance, low pressure drop, and cost efficiency



DCL develops catalysts enhancing hydrogen production efficiency and reducing energy needs, pivotal in gasification, reforming, and electrolysis.

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