Gas to Power

As the energy sector shifts towards sustainable solutions, hydrogen plays a pivotal role. DCL International Inc. leads in this transition with advanced SCR systems for hydrogen CHP and power generation, significantly cutting carbon emissions and boosting energy efficiency.

Hydrogen Power Generation and Emission Control

Hydrogen-fueled power systems, including engine-driven generators and fuel cells, offer a promising path to decarbonization. However, the combustion of hydrogen, particularly in engines, can lead to the formation of NOx emissions. DCL addresses this challenge with state-of-the-art SCR systems that effectively reduce NOx levels, ensuring that hydrogen power generation meets stringent environmental standards without compromising performance.

SCR Systems for
Hydrogen Applications

DCL SCR systems engineered for compatibility with H2-ready gensets developed by genset manufacturers and packagers. These systems are critical in optimizing the environmental performance of hydrogen CHP and other power generation applications by enabling high efficiency NOx reduction. DCL’s SCR technology is tailored to the specific needs of hydrogen combustion processes, ensures compliance with emissions regulations, facilitating cleaner power generation.

Beyond combustion engines, DCL’s emission control expertise extends to supporting fuel cell technologies. Fuel cells, which convert hydrogen directly into electricity through an electrochemical process, represent a zero-combustion route to power generation. DCL contributes to the fuel cell ecosystem by providing solutions that enhance system efficiency and longevity, furthering the adoption of this clean energy technology.

Fuel Cells and Clean Energy Production

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