DCL facilitates EPA verification for OEM partner

Monday, July 10, 2017


DCL has found yet another way to leverage its three decades of experience and extensive R&D capabilities by facilitating EPA verification for OEM partners. With catalyst design and modeling assistance from DCL, a major OEM has recently obtained a US EPA certification for an engine package with DCL’s Mini QUICK-LID housing paired with DCL’s METALCOR 3-way catalyst which provide NOx and CO reduction of over 95%. The time and cost required to obtain the EPA certification was vastly reduced through the use of DCL’s existing catalyst data and modeling system which was developed during the EPA certifications of DCL’s other product lines.

By integrating DCL’s components into their engine system the OEM is able to offer packagers and end users an integrated, single supplier option for engine, controls and aftertreatment. The EPA non-road (mobile) certification attained for this system allows the units to be moved from site to site without re-permitting while meeting the EPA emissions requirements for mobile gas-powered engines as well as certain stationary applications. The combined engine and aftertreatment system greatly simplifies emissions permitting & compliance, eliminating the need for costly on-site emissions testing during commissioning.

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