Diesel Oxidation Catalyst for Marine Vessel

Eight MTU 16V4000 (1800 kW) diesel engines powering two electric motors for the yacht Octopus, owned by Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen. At the time of launch in 2003 it was the largest private luxury yacht in the world, costing over US$200 million and with a permanent crew of 60


Design specifications called for the use of advanced exhaust after-treatment for the diesel engines, with tolerance to high sulfur levels in marine diesel fuel.

The confined space location of the engine room required a catalyst housing design with removable catalyst elements and a leak-free cover plate for the housing.


DCL supplied eight industrial grade catalytic converters, with 316 stainless steel housing, leak-free cover plate design, and meeting all marine standards. The metal substrate catalyst elements were specially formulated to function effectively with high sulfur from marine grade diesel fuel. Test results showed destruction efficiencies of over 80% for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, and diesel odor virtually eliminated from the exhaust stack.