Catalytic Industrial Muffler for Gas Compressor

Gas compressor stations near Bakersfield, California. Compressor packages running with Waukesha 7042GSI natural gas fuel, rich burn engines. Challenge Universal Compression required meeting very stringent San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Management District standards for NOx, CO and volatile organic compounds. Solution DCL supplied three catalytic silencers, meeting both stringent standards for air quality and noise. […]

Flow Through Filter for London Lez Retrofit

In 2008 the city of London, England, implemented its Low Emission Zone (LEZ) program, to improve air quality by targeting action on older, higher polluting diesel vehicles such as lorries and buses. In the first phase of the program, Euro 2 vehicles operating in the city center required upgrade to Euro 3 emission Challenge […]

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst for Locomotive

A tourist touring train in Skagway, Alaska, powered by a 6 cylinder, 900 hp, Alco 251B diesel locomotive. The train carries tourists through a scenic mountain area. Challenge Diesel odor and soot from the diesel locomotive was a nuisance to passengers on the train. DCL was approached for an emission control solution. Solution DCL custom […]

Replacement Catalytic Silencers for Kennett Power Station

Challenge The Kennett, Missouri Power Station required upgrading of the emission control system on the power plant’s internal combustion engines to meet the EPA RICE NESHAP* standard. *Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants Solution DCL developed and manufactured a series of low emission catalytic silencers which matched the footprint of […]

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst for Marine Vessel

Eight MTU 16V4000 (1800 kW) diesel engines powering two electric motors for the yacht Octopus, owned by Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen. At the time of launch in 2003 it was the largest private luxury yacht in the world, costing over US$200 million and with a permanent crew of 60 Challenge Design specifications called for the […]

Diesel Particulate Filter (Flow-Through) For Harvard University

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Three MINE-X PDPF® diesel particulate filters were installed on Harvard University diesel vehicles. Challenge Harvard Fleet Management Services in conjunction with the Harvard Green Campus Initiative are conducting a trial of DCL s new MINE-X PDPF® diesel particulate filter to reduce harmful emissions and improve the quality of life for Harvard workers, subcontractors and neighbors. […]

Carb Verified Dpf for Standby Generator

A large construction and mining organization located in California required a CARB verified level 3 plus diesel particulate filter housing to retrofit their Caterpillar XQ1000 Standby Generator equipped with a Caterpillar 3508B engine powered at 1502hp. Challenge DCL engineers needed to design a large DPF housing according to the customer’s request to provide a unit […]

Diesel Particulate Filters for Gensets in Manhattan

Various portable diesel powered gensets, operating in a downtown urban environment Manhattan, New York City. The gensets are used for powering construction equipment in a subway expansion project. Challenge The diesel particulate filters were required to meet local standards for particulate reduction. The units were expected to operate maintenance free despite the low exhaust temperature […]

Catalytic Converter for 2 Cycle Emd Diesel Engine

A utility company was interested in retrofitting their emergency diesel generators for compliance with the 2013 RICE NESHAP rule set by the United States EPA. These are the Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants. Challenge The engine for retrofit was a 3150 kW EMD20-645, 2-cycle diesel. Solution DCL designed a […]

Diesel Particulate Filter for Caterpillar d8T Dozer

A large California-based construction company specializing in building: roads, tunnels, bridges, and the production of: sand, gravel, ready-mix, and asphalt concrete required a CARB verified level 3 plus diesel particulate filter for their Caterpillar D8T Dozer. Challenge DCL engineers needed to design and manufacture a diesel particulate filter that would fit in the machine’s engine […]