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In-house catalyst formulation & custom fabrication provides DCL customers with consistent quality & customization for unmatched energy efficiency optimization.

Over the past 40 years, DCL has produced 33 patents related to emissions and clean energy. This includes Metalcor® by DCL catalyst elements refined and perfected for outstanding performance and durability including compliance with the most stringent regulations.

Committed To Quality & Engineering Excellence

DCL employs the latest modeling software with finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics as well as our advanced engine test cells and hydrogen labs to develop our products.

Continuous improvement and excellence is the DCL standard with ISO 9001:2015 QMS certification, two ASME certified manufacturing facilities and several dozen global emissions certifications with national and regional governmental entities.  In addition, partnerships with numerous OEM equipment manufacturers for certified engine emissions products further cement DCL as the market leader.


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DCL has nearly 40 years of experience in advancing emissions reduction and clean energy solutions, catering to the diverse needs of energy producers globally. With a deep understanding of regional emission legislations and market demands, DCL maintains a global network that provides essential after-sales support and expert knowledge of local regulations. This ensures that our solutions are not only technically effective but also fully compliant and precisely adapted to meet local requirements. By combining our global reach with a commitment to quality and performance, DCL stands as a trusted partner for organizations focused on navigating the complexities of modern emissions reduction and clean energy implementation.

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As a leader in the growing industry of emission control solutions, DCL offers a variety of rewarding career opportunities.