Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Boulder, Colo., March 6, 2012 – DCL International (Concord, Canada) has partnered with H+H Umwelt und Industrietechnik (Hargesheim, Germany) to form AeriNOx Inc., a new environmental engineering company based in Boulder, CO, specializing in reducing exhaust gas emissions from industrial processes, stationary engines and boilers operating in the US and Canada.

Increasingly stringent emission regulations are driving a growing demand for emissions control systems in both new and existing machinery, such as backup electrical generators and natural gas compressor stations. AeriNOx combines DCL’s expertise in reducing particulates, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide with H+H’s extensive knowledge in NOx reduction, resulting in systems that lower these pollutant emissions as much as 98%. AeriNOx supplies highly integrated systems and provides maintenance and engineering support that enable customers to be compliant with most regulatory requirements throughout the United States and Canada.

“Whether it is to make their operations more sustainable or to comply with challenging emission regulations, customers want highly reliable products that require little maintenance throughout their lifetime. And they want the lowest cost possible,” says Michael Readey, Managing Director of AeriNOx. “At AeriNOx, we’re leveraging DCL’s and H+H’s more than five decades of collective field experience and product knowledge. This gives our customers peace of mind and allows them to focus on more important aspects of their business. It’s exciting to be part of the cleantech revolution, helping customers achieve their business objectives while benefitting air quality and our environment.”

“Coming to Colorado was an easy decision for us,” Readey added. “Colorado, and the Boulder-Denver corridor in particular, is known internationally as a cleantech hub. There’s tremendous engineering talent here, with so many outstanding universities and national laboratories. I also find a certain mindset you don’t find anywhere else, one that blends high-technology, an entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for the environment. Over the next twelve months, our plan is to draw upon this unique talent by adding staff in engineering and technical sales. Our vision is to manufacture our products here as well, with an in-house production capability and with local manufacturing partners.”

Based in Boulder, Colorado, AeriNOx Inc. serves customers in the US and Canada involved in industrial and chemical processes, stationary diesel and natural gas engines and boiler applications with integrated emission control systems and engineering services. For more information on AeriNOx, please visit

About DCL International:
DCL International Inc. is a leader in emissions control solutions for off-highway vehicles, stationary engines, industrial processes and specialized on-highway vehicles. Headquartered in Concord, Ontario Canada, DCL supplies to world leading engine manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket retrofit. For more information about DCL, visit

About H+H Umwelt und Industrietechnik:
H+H Umwelt und Industrietechnik GmbH is a global leader in engineered exhaust gas aftertreatment systems for reducing NOx from diesel and natural gas engines. Headquartered in Hargesheim, Germany, H+H offers emissions products and engineering services to the marine, power generation, and industrial engine markets. For more information about H+H, visit