Thursday, February 14, 2013

Concord, Ontario, Canada, February 14, 2013 – DCL’s MARINE-X™ diesel particulate filter will be featured at the Miami International Boat Show in Northern Lights Booth P100, Miami Beach Convention Center, February 14-18, 2013.

DCL International’s MARINE-X™ diesel particulate filter removes soot and particulate matter as it is emitted from the diesel engine. The air and water quality on and around the vessel is vastly improved, offering a clean, enjoyable environment for everyone onboard.

When equipped with a MARINE-X™ diesel particulate filter, exhaust gas is routed through a catalytically coated ceramic filter, trapping soot and particulates. Unlike other exhaust cleaning systems, the MARINE-X™ diesel particulate filter uses a passive regeneration process which does not require additional equipment, controls or regeneration time. The generator set functions normally, while particulate matter is continually burned off using the heat emitted by the engine’s own exhaust.

The unique filtration process of the MARINE-X™ diesel particulate filter reduces carbon monoxide by up to 98% and diesel hydrocarbons by up to 95%. At a conservatively rated exhaust gas temperature of 300° C (572° F), the soot burns away and transforms into harmless CO2.

MARINE-X™ is engineered to be application specific and its polished stainless steel exterior maintains a low- service temperature with a high polish to complement any engine room. The modular steel housing and removable elements are designed to thrive in the unforgiving marine environment. The state of the art monitoring system records critical engine information. MARINE-X™ meets or exceeds the sound attenuation standard of marine engine mufflers, as well as all classification society requirements.

“DCL International’s MARINE-X™ will provide an ideal solution for the new generation of yachts,” said Northern Lights Director of Marketing Colin Puckett.

For more information about DCL International’s MARINE-X™ diesel particulate filter, visit the Northern Lights booth (P100) at the 2013 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show and speak with DCL’s Lisa Barber – Territory Manager, Marine Division, or call 1-800-872-1968.

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